Making a DVD ISO File from a Video File




This document describes how to make a DVD ISO file from a video file using DVDStyler on Windows 7 but the same technique can be used on Windows 8 and possibly Windows 10. The resulting ISO file can be used with ImgBurn to create a DVD for use in a dvdplayer.


I prefer to create a DVD with no menus that will automatically start playing when the DVD is inserted into the dvdplayer. This is the simplest use of DVDStyler and somewhat wasteful of the DVD capacity but given how cheap DVDR discs are it I'm not concerned. Creating a DVD with multiple programs on it accessible via menus maximize disc capacity usage but is much more complicated a process.


Starting DVDStyler


Start DVDStyler by double-clicking the DVDStyler icon and you will see the following:


The first thing to do is set the "Disc Label" (highlighted in yellow) - in this case I will call it BlessedFruit:


I like to adjust the "Disc Capacity" (highlighted in yellow) to reduce the ISO file size and reduce the time it takes to burn a DVD from the ISO file. Use the dropdown menu to select a different capacity than the default. I set it to 2.6GB to see how that works. Also since I'm in the US (Canada and Mexico) I set the "Video Format", "Aspect Ratio" and "Audio Format" as highlighted below:


Click the "OK" button when your settings are correct. Make sure that the "Default title post command" is set to "Play next title". After clicking "OK" you should see the template window:


Since we are not going to have a menu because we want the DVD to autostart, we click the "No template" button. You should then see the main window similar to:


Adding the Video File


The next step is to drag and drop the video file into the lower area that is highlighted yellow in the above image. I'm going to drag and drop the file called "Blessed Fruit of the Womb a fight for reproductive rights - .mp4" into DVDStyler as displayed below:


Resulting in the following configuration in DVDStyler:


Deleting the Main Menu


In order to get the DVD to start automatically when inserted in a player the main menu (highlighted in yellow in the above image) must be deleted. Select the "VMGM Menu 1" menu by clicking on it with the right mouse button and select the "Delete" menu option to delete the main menu. The result will be:


Changing the Disc Capacity

As can be seen from the above image in the lower right corner the video rate will be 8MB/s and the disc run time will be 26 out of 73 Minutes. 8MB/s is more than we need for this DVD (for reasonable quality 4MB/s is sufficient) so I usually try a couple of other capacity settings to see what works well. Click the "Config" button (the highlighted wrench icon as illustrated in the above image) to change the disc capacity:


The "Disc capacity" (highlighted yellow above) is changed via the dropdown menu which offers "DVD-1 (1.4 GB)", "DVD-2 (2.6 GB)" and "DVD-3 (4.7 GB)" among others but the DVD settings are the only ones I use. For this project I'll try "DVD-1 (1.4 GB)" and click "OK":



The main window now displays:


The new capacity is reflected in the lower right (highlighted in yellow) display of the time usage (26/40 Minutes) and video rate (7.0 MB/s). This should give a good quality picture depending on the quality of the source video file.


Creating the ISO File


The process of creating the ISO file is initiated by clicking on the "Burn" button (highlighted yellow) in the toolbar in the upper left of the main window which will open a new window:


Select the "create iso image radio button" (highlighted in yellow) and then change the "Save to:" filename which is also highlighted:


I usually save all ISO files in my Public Videos folder with a unique name as illustrated above.


Starting ISO Creation


Once you click the "Start" button (highlighted yellow in the above image) the video file will be transcoded into the format appropriate for a video DVD:


This can take a while so be patient. Once transcoding is complete the DVD layout will be created and the ISO file will be created from it as illustrated in the below image:


A successful ISO creation process is illustrated below:


Click the "Close" button to return to the main window. The new ISO file should be available in the location you saved it to:


If you want you can save the DVDStyler project to a file for future use but never do that because I usually make one-off DVDs.